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About Shannan

     My name is Shannan Harrah.  This is my eight year with PSP CISD.  I married my high school sweetheart, West Texas High Alumnus Les Harrah.  We then had two of the most amazing kids, Kayla and Dalton.  Kayla graduated from WTHS in 2017 and now attends WTAMU where she should graduate in 2020 and Dalton will graduate from WTHS akso in 2020.

     After 15 years in the banking industry and at the age of 40, I went back to school and here I am.  Never, never, ever give up on your dreams.  Although it was one of the hardest things I did, next to my family, it is one of my proudest accomplishments.  All I want is to make a difference in a kid’s life.  Working with at-risk kids is not an easy task, but I have a heart for those who no one else wants to reach out to.  If I can impact one of those kids each year, maybe I’ve done something right.

    Don’t ever doubt that you can do whatever you set your mind to do!


    I’m also the Varsity Cheer Sponsor.  I enjoy this immensely!  Girls are full of drama and noise and laughter and obnoxiousness, but mostly, girls are full of a sense of family and love.  They hate each other one minute and love each other the next.  It’s a rollercoaster ride much of the time but I love all of the girls I’ve had on my squads.  Each one teaches me a little something about myself and most of the time, we have a lot of fun. 




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