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Sooner or later, you’re going to have to drive through that “Darkness on the Edge of Town” and face the unknown with no option of turning back. You’re going to have to put it all on the line and risk everything you’ve got to make your dream come true.

And when you do—when you’re faced with that gut-check moment when things are at their hardest and you question whether you really have what it takes to be successful—that’s when you absolutely can’t allow yourself to retreat.

That’s the moment when those who have burned the boats behind them will have a tremendous advantage over those who have their escape routes planned.

  • 2019 District Champions
  • 2019 Area Champions vs Seymour
  • 2018 Regional Champions vs Sundown
  • 2018 Area Champions vs Seymour
  • The team behind the TEAM!

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