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Concussion Protocol

In accordance with House Bill 2038 ~ Natasha’s Law, Texas Education Code, Chapter 38, Subchapter D, Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips Consolidated Independent School District has appointed the following personnel to serve as it’s Concussion Oversight Team; Physician, Tyler Cooper, MD; and Athletic Trainer, Rolando Salas, LAT, ATC.

A student-athlete shall be removed from a practice or competition immediately if a coach, a physician, a licensed health care professional, or the student’s parent or guardian or another person who has authority to make legal decision for the student believes the student athlete might have sustained a concussion. Coach means the coach of the student’s team.

When a student-athlete has been removed from practice or competition because of a suspected concussion, the student-athlete and parent/guardian must provide the following information before being allowed to return to play:

  • Provide the student athlete’s treating physician written statement indicating that in the treating physician’s professional judgment, it is safe for the student to return to play. 
  • Provide their written acknowledgement that the student athlete has completed the requirements of the return-to-play protocol.
  • Sign a consent form in which the student athlete and parent/guardian indicate:

- Consent to return to play in accordance with the COT’s protocol; 

- Understand the risks associated with returning to play; 

- Consent to the disclosure to appropriate persons, consistent with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, of the treating physician’s written statement and, if any, the return-to-play recommendations of the treating physician;

- Understanding of the immunity provisions under Section 38.159 of the Education Code.


Stage Physical Activity
1 Light Aerobic Exercise-5 to 10 minutes light jog or exercise bike; No resistance training
2 Moderate Aerobic Exercise-15-20 minutes of running at moderate intensity
3 Non-contact training drills in full uniform. May begin weight lifting, resistance training and other exercises
4 Full contact practice or training
5 Full game play

If activity at any stage results in a return of symptoms or a decline in test performance, then the activity should be immediately halted and restarted 24 hours later.

American Medical Society for Sports Medicine position statement: concussion in sport. Harmon KG, Drezner J, Gammons M, Guskiewicz K, Halstead M, Herring S, Kutcher J, Pana A, Putukian M, Roberts W; American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. Clin J Sport Med. 2013 Jan;23(1):1-18.

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