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Office Hours Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

806-878-2456 EXT. 104

NOTIFY will be used for events, updates, and other important information. 






What exactly is a school counselor?  Click here to find out!!

Vision Statement:  Students of West Texas High School are  empowered to successfully navigate and access resources to meet their needs in an ever changing and increasingly complex world.  They thrive as contributing members of society and reach their fullest potential by achieving their short and long-term academic, personal, and career goals with the confidence and encouragement instilled in them at West Texas High School.  Furthermore, our students consider how their actions impact the world around them and demonstrate respect for diversity of cultures and opinions.  West Texas High School students can effectively communicate with others and are able to maintain healthy and supportive relationships through continuous self-reflection and development of their social, emotional, and mental health. 

Mission Statement:  The mission of the WTHS Counselor program supports our high school students by providing them with resources to enable growth in: academics;  post-secondary options; social and emotional skills.  By providing our students with these resources, West Texas High School Students will be empowered to become influential and contributal members of the global community.

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Guidance Curriculum

Guidance lessons to help provide students with knowledge and skills appropriate for their level.

**  Decision-making skills

** Study skills

** Career Explorations 

Individual Student Planning

Activities to assist with personal goals and future plans.


** Reviewing Grades

** Individual Counseling

** Small Group Counseling 


Responsive Services

Resources to help meet individual students' needs.

** Counseling

** Agency Referral

** Community Resources

** Suicide Prevention



System Support

 Collaboration among administration, management,and professional development

** Staff Relations 

** Community Relations

**  Professional Development