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COLLEGE and CAREER Resources


BIG FUTURE:  Did you know there are over 2000 colleges in the U.S.?  Click here to find the right college for you!!

COMPARE COLLEGE TX:  This is a mobile-friendly web tool designed to help parents and students learn more about Texas Public Universities and community/technical colleges.  Click here to access this web tool!!

GEAR UP:  Helps Texas students be successful in college and beyond.  Also, you can explore resources to answer your important college questions.  Click here to access GEAR UP!!

THE COLLEGE TOUR:  Tour colleges; take free classes to help guide you toward the right college;  The College Tour has a show on amazon prime.  Click here to access The College Tour Website.




JOB’S YA’LL:  Explore important, high-wage industries, throughout Texas and locally.  Click here to find the career that matches your interests and goals!!


O*NET:   Find, search, or browse over 900 occupations based on your goals and needs. Click here to find the career that matches your interests and goals!!


TEXAS CAREER CHECK:  An interactive tool to help you search and explore careers that interest YOU!  Click here to start exploring occupations.  You will also find information about annual salaries!!

TEXAS REALITY CHECK:   This is a lifestyle calculator to walk you through the expenses that you are likely to incur each month.  Also, this tool provides a realistic understanding of minimum salary needs and explores occupations that enable students to earn the salary they want.  Click here to begin using this SUPER DUPER WAY COOL tool!!   



 Resume Builder

Have you found the career you are interested in?  Or in the process of completing an application for employment?  If so, the following link will assist you with building an employment resume: