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COLLEGE and CAREER Resources


BIG FUTURE:  Did you know there are over 2000 colleges in the U.S.?  Click here to find the right college for you!!

COMPARE COLLEGE TX:  This is a mobile friendly web tool designed to help parents and students learn more about Texas Public Universities and community/technical colleges.  Click here to access this web tool!!

GEAR UP:  Helps Texas students be successful in college and beyond.  Also, you can explore resources to answer your important college questions.  Click here to access GEAR UP!!



JOB’S YA’LL:  Explore important, high-wage industries, throughout Texas and locally.  Click here to find the career that matches your interests and goals!!

TEXAS CAREER CHECK:  An interactive tool to help you search and explore careers that interest YOU!  Click here to start exploring occupations.  You will also find information about annual salaries!!

TEXAS REALITY CHECK:   This is a lifestyle calculator to walk you through the expenses that you are likely to incur each month.  Also, this tool provides a realistic understanding of minimum salary needs and explores occupations that enable students to earn the salary they want.  Click here to begin using this SUPER DUPER WAY COOL tool!!