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Plemons - Stinnett - Phillips History

Plemons Indians Stinnett Rattlers  Phillips Blackhawks


The History Of Plemons - Stinnett - Phillips ISD

On April 20, 1987, Stinnett, Phillips, and Plemons schools voted to consolidate. The consolidation included the Plemons Indians, Stinnett Rattlers, and Phillips Blackhawks. The new consolidated school became West Texas High School. The Comanches were chosen as the school mascot.

The following year, PSP initiated talks with the Comanche Nation in Oklahoma requesting adoption so that we could use the Comanche as our school mascot. The Comanche Nation said "Yes". An adoption ceremony was then performed by the Comanche Nation and attended by students from all campuses of the Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips Consolidated Independent School District. Representing the Comanche Nation was Tribal Chairman Kenneth Saupitty. Saupitty read the proclamation that united West Texas High School and the Comanche Nation. Three Comanche braves were involved in the ceremony giving WTHS a handmade lance, shield, and ax. During the evening activities at Comanche Field, spectators were entertained with a variety of tribal dances and an exhibition of authentic costumes worn by the participants. The colorful costumes depicted the various dances that are a part of the Comanche heritage. Comanche Field was turned into an Indian camp site with teepees set up on the grounds. The sound of pounding drums enhanced the dancer's performances.

Approximately 1,000 people were in attendance for the event of the adoption of West Texas High School. A new name, new mascot, and new colors were adopted. The board, administrators, and teachers set about fitting 901 students into a new system. Slowly and surely the Comanche spirit became apparent in the joining of forces.