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Matt Green

Coach Green’s Online Science Classroom

This web site will be dedicated to getting information out to students and parents in reference to both Biology and Anatomy and Physiology classes.  I will do my best to keep all the information updated and relevant to our everchanging situation as we embark on dealing with all the new challenges that are being placed on the education system. 

Please be patient and realize that most teachers are in the process of completely reworking their entire curriculum and teaching style to something brand new.  I can speak on behalf of nearly all teachers by saying that I would much rather be in front of my classes and interacting with my students, but that’s not our reality right now.  I will do my best to make sure learning is still occuring and student teacher interaction does not fall by the wayside.

During this time we will be using our Google Classroom accounts as the primary source of disseminating information and obtaining students’ completed classwork.  I will utilize Google Classroom for both Biology and A&P.  All students who are currently enrolled in my classes should already have a Google account set up and ready to go for their respective classes.  If a student is not showing up on one of my Google rosters I will send an invitation to join via the student’s PSP email address.

I will also be utilizing the online application ZOOM ( for Lecture, discussion, and to answer questions online, person to person.  I will have a daily meeting set up from 10:30 am – 11:00 am where students and parents can login and discuss class material with me directly.  I will also be able to be contacted at my school email addresses: or  

Matt Green

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